What We Do

CSS understands the scenario of the current healthcare industry; how it has been undergoing significant changes during the past decades. The ageing of the population and critical illnesses has amplified the use of domiciliary facilities and patient care services. The continuing escalation of health care costs have been reconfiguring the health care industry, resulting in pressure for cost-containment. In addition, the rising risk of Hospital Acquired Infections is altogether another major concern in the Healthcare Facilities across India.

CSS is more than just a Service provider to the healthcare industry. CSS is committed to providing lasting value and holistic solutions that address the specific, economic, social and healthcare challenges faced by the hospital facilities.

CSS ensures that their services 1

CSS ensures that their services maintain the highest standards of hygiene, food is of good quality and nutritious as these play a crucial role in the wellbeing and recovery of the patients, which in turn, enhances the reputation of the facility.

We ensure excellence in terms of excellent food quality, timely and reliable services served at the correct temperature, freshness of the food that is customised as per the individual needs of each patient.

We rely on our team who have the necessary expertise in nutrition, dietary requirements, culinary skills combined with NABH and JCI guidelines to enhance the overall experience of the patients and staff who work in the hospital facility.

Welcome ease and simplicity with sustainable results through our gamut of Integrated Facility Management services.

Our focus on cleanliness, sanitation and disinfection across the facility assists the management of the hospitals, clinics, laboratories or any healthcare center to be able to offer a high standard of service to the patients and visitors who use the facility and leave with a good experience.

We constantly explore the potential of technology and digitization to upgrade our standards in cleaning services and take better control over the daily operational mechanism.

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CSS Enhances Quality of Life. Get in touch with us for the best Integrated Solutions.