– ॥ सर्वजना: सुखिनो भवन्तु: ॥ –

Chairman Message

This in Sanskrit means ‘May all the people in this universe live with happiness and prosperity’.

This above statement describes the CSS’s philosophy towards the business and towards the society and environmental responsibilities. CSS believes that business and long-term social responsibilities go hand in hand, entwined like the branches of a banyan tree.

CSS’s business philosophy works on key values of Integrity, Transparency, Loyalty, Commitment, Respect, and Compliance with laws of the land. We always believe in working with our clients as Partners and offering them value based solutions that are based on all of our core values. Our key strength is our People, who are all part of the CSS Family and believe in all of the above values while they service the client and grow as individuals in the society.

CSS is a rapidly growing Integrated Food & Facility Management Company that services clients across all sectors in India and overseas. The success of CSS is through its people who through their sense of passion, ownership and commitment ensure that they make a change by enhancing the quality of life of all our clients every day and in the process, making the universe a better place.

We believe in this philosophy right across the organisation and our value chain ie, our clients, consumers, employees, associates, vendors, and investors.

Our journey continues and will become a success when we have been able to work with clients who believe in the same philosophy as business partners, retain our employees who have experienced continuous career growth prospects and success while at work and when CSS firmly delivers on its social and environmental commitments.